Internship for Foreign Students

  • Our School of Medicine welcomes foreign medical students for many years.
  • Candidates have to fill an application form which can be downloaded from our website ( ) .
  • Students are responsible for holding their health insurance and providing the related documents during their attendance.
  • Vaccination of any kind is not obligatory. However, candidates have to provide a negative Tuberculine Skin Test and HBV (Hepatitis B Virus) test results that performed within last 3 months before starting their visiting program.
  • A document that reveals the students’ presence and performance during his or her internship is prepared at the end of the program. Certification of any kind should not be requested. Chairman’s of the departments are responsible for the content of visiting and training programs.
  • Each visitor student is matched and guided by a peer-student.
  • Each visiting student is authorized by a smart card in order to access their fields of training. Smart cards can be achieved from international office for foreign students at a 10 TL price.
  • Visiting students pay for their food and beverage expenses. Smart cards will utilize their payments in case of having the hospital’s lunch or dinner services.
  • Students have to take a short on-line training on occupational health and safety (on-line course is in Turkish). Access to the course will be allowed after the acceptance was completed. Those who already had this kind of training will be asked to present their certification.
  • Our university provides low-priced accommodation at its dormitories for foreign students. The fully furnished single, double and triple rooms are equipped with telephone, TV and free wireless internet access. Dormitories also have laundry and ironing facilities, internet rooms, fitness saloons and cafeterias. There are also private or public dormitories outside of the University Campus give service to the students. Reservation is mandatory in order to get these opportunities. Please contact international office for foreign students. (


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