Medical Education Student Council

The Medical Education Student Council, also known as TEÖK with its short name, was established to provide student participation in the planning, implementation, evaluation and updating processes of the pre-graduate medical education program of the Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Medicine and to improve communication and systematic exchange of views among the stakeholders of the education. The board consists of 14-20 students with the participation of 6-12 volunteer students, who will be semester representatives, DEBAT, at least one student from Turkic MSIC and every class. On behalf of TEAD, a faculty member serves as a responsible faculty member. The Board elects a president and secretary among the members. The main tasks of the establishment are to provide communication among the stakeholders of the education carried out in the faculty, to make opinions and suggestions about the planning and operation of the educational activities in the faculty (to get opinions and recommendations of the students outside the group, to inform other students about the program evaluation studies in the faculty, (Symposium, congress, etc.) The meeting is held at least once a month in the meeting room of the Medical Education Dean’s Office The resolutions, opinions and suggestions taken by the majority of the votes at the meetings are presented to the Dean, the attendance status of the meeting members is monitored, Membership may be terminated by a board decision and a new member shall be registered by the board from the new applicants.

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