General Information About Our Programs


Postgraduate education in our faculty is carried out within the framework of related legislation by specialities and sbspecialities. The heads of departments and Dean are responsible from ruling the programs in accordance with the core training programs prepared by the relevant committees of the Board of Medical Spesialities (TUK ). Educators, thesis supervisors, thesis and exam juries are also important components of this education. There are 44 speciality and 30 subspescailty departments in our faculty. The work carried out in 74 units is followed by a software prepared in the name of Residency Traning Information System (RTIS, E-Karne). Postgraduate training programs are initiated by an orientation program that is jointly provided by our Dean and Director of the University Hospital. The study guides prepared for each student enable the student to acquire detailed program information. The training programs carried out in all units are open to all students and weekly programs are announced via the web. Our Dean moves with the principle of continuous development and learning to bring the postgraduate education to the highest level. For this purpose, our Postgraduate Education Board meets regularly and evaluates the proagrams. A special training is provided for residents in our Research School. The program has been made continuous with the feedback received from all residents every year according to the program. For this purpose, there is also a monthly meeting of Resident Representatives meeting at Dean’s Office.