Our faculty was established in İzmir, on March 1, 1978 under the leadership of 12 faculty members, under the name of İzmir Medical Faculty affiliated to Ege University. The first dean of our faculty is Prof. Dr. Hamit ÖZGÖNÜL, 2nd Dean Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tiner. Until 1982, the pre-clinic settlement was in Ege University and education continued here. As a clinical training and hospital, firstly Karşıyaka State Hospital, then Eşrefpaşa Municipal Hospital was used. In the first year, 91 students were transferred to the faculty and 129 students were registered to the faculty by the central system. In 1982 it was admitted to İzmir Medical Faculty of Near Eastern Pharmacy School in İnciraltı. First the basic medical sciences and then the clinical sciences were carried on. Dokuz Eylül University was established with the decree of law numbered 41 on 20.07.1982 and Izmir Faculty of Medicine was placed in Dokuz Eylül University together with some other faculties of Ege University. The new Dean was Prof. Dr. Şakir Fadıloğlu (31.08.1982-31.08.1985). In the following years, Prof. Dr. Abdullah KENANOĞLU, Prof.Dr. Dr. Prof. İhsan ERDAMAR, Prof. Dr. Dr. Emin ALICI, Prof. Dr. İlhami KOVANLIKAYA, Prof.Dr. Dr. A. Şebnem ÖZKAN, Prof.Dr. Dr. Hakan ABACIOĞLU and Prof. Dr. Tülay was acted as dean of the school.


In our faculty, medical education first started with classical education. In 1990, integrated education program was implemented. In 1997, a fundamental change into problem based learning (PBL) was introduced. Student-centered PBL, which is shown as a model of modern education, started to be implemented in our Faculty for the first time in Turkey. Beginning in the 2000-2001 academic year, the Task Based Learning (TAS) program began to be implemented in the 4th and 5th grades, which are clinical stages. Our Medical Education was accredited by UTEAK (National Medical Education Accreditation Board) in March, 2011 and reaccredited by the same body in 2017. In 2013, the European Union Diploma tag was received. Since March 1, 1978, a total of 5410 T.C national and 130 foreign medical doctors have been graduated.