Task based learning which is applied at 4th and 5th grade in our faculty, is a teaching method that is structured as a continuation of problem based learning applied to the first 3 classes. The English word “task” means work-duty. It is a method of education for medical students in which they live in a real health care setting, on a real patient, directly in practice, and have a professional adjustment process in defined “job-duty” areas.

It is not based on discipline but on the basis of common symptoms / conditions / diseases in the community. Tasks are selected in the direction of interdisciplinary cooperation in the solution of disease findings as well as in real life, and students are provided with the opportunity to meet patients in related disciplines.

For this purpose, the outpatient clinic applications, ward rounds, presentations, operating theater and laboratory visits were designed to achieve the related knowledge, skills and attitudes at this level. Field trips are also among the program components.

In this process, the assessments are made accordingly. Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) are performed for tihs purpose.